Fortnite: Where to Steal Security Plans and deliver them to Shadow or Ghost

Choosing the right team could always turn out to be beneficial in Fortnite. In this scenario, we have the same challenge, which requires us to go and find Security Plans scattered across different landmarks. That is The Rig, Yacht, or Shark. Afterward, you need to deliver those secret plans to a designated area on the island. That is the Ghost team or Shadow team.

To get started with this Challenge guide, first of all, you need to be familiar with those places. As a reference, I’ve posted the image of the map below, with the locations pinned. They’re all on the outskirts of the main island. More precisely, on the northeast, northwest, and southwest locations.

The challenges have gone quite far. The tasks given are quite demanding but worry not, we’re here to help you. This challenge is available if you’re level 20 or above, so if you aren’t, then you would love to work on that first.

Keep in mind that you need to do this with one location. You do not need to get the plans from all of the landmarks. With that said, we can take the Yacht as an example, which is close to Steamy Stacks, where a mailbox can be easily found.

Once you get on the Yacht, you need to go below deck.

The electric board you see next to the shelf with the water barrels is where you need to get to. Once close to the board, you will get an interaction message popup asking to Steal the security plans. After acquiring the security documents, then you need to head to the nearest mailbox on the island.

For this time, we’ll use the Steamy Stacks one, which is a couple of seconds running from the Yacht. There are multiple mailboxes, and it is not only one. Just make sure you get to Steamy Stacks and find a mailbox. They look like the following image, but have different color (hence Shadow vs. Ghost):

Warning: There are multiple mailboxes in Steamy Stacks. They are in different colors. The white one assing the Ghost team, while the Black one is the Shadow team. Therefore, sending the Security Plans in the Ghost themed mailbox will unlock the Ghost Skin, while sending them to Shadow-themed one, will open the Shadow skin.

Therefore, we can conclude this guide as successful. Have happy hunting in Fortnite!

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