Microsoft Reveals the Original Xbox Series X Features and Specs

The next-gen Xbox Series X console developed by Microsoft is unveiling new powers. Before its first reveal, we knew so much to only predict the outcome of the next-gen console. However, in its recent iterations, Microsoft has discovered something different. It appears that high power is hiding behind the Xbox Series X.

In a blog post, Microsoft has announced a couple of new features, and some of them believe it or not, sound quite powerful when compared to the original Google Stadia. Correctly speaking, a real gamer life is all about the performance and input latency, hence response time. Graphics Quality is also there, but a competitive person always prefers faster reactions. Well, after today’s reveal, we’re more than sure that the Xbox Series X could be the next best console. Believe it or not, 12 teraflops GPU, which is higher than Stadia, as well.

Bolstering a 12 teraflops GPU is probably the highest a company could get at this point and the way Microsoft details it is worth reading.

In general, this is what Microsoft has discovered today:

  • 12 TFLOPS of GPU
  • Hardware Accelerated DirectX RayTracing
  • Next-Gen SSD
  • HDMI 2.1 Support
  • Variable Rate Shading
  • Dynamic Latency Input (DLI)
  • HDMI 2.1 Innovation
  • and, most importantly, trouble-free 120 FPS support.

To discover what else is being presented, make sure you check Xbox’s official website.

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