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Llamas Return To Fortnite – Unofficial 12.10 Patch Notes

Fortnite has released patch 12.10, which brings a couple of surprises along the way. One of them is the return of the Llamas, which sometimes can contain a couple of surprises. For some reason, their removal couldn’t sustain a more extended period, which means that Epic Games, at some point, had to bring them back.

Thankfully, that has happened today, in which shortly after the servers became available, players have realized that Llamas had returned to the Fortnite island.

Another fascinating addition is the proximity mines, which is a praised idea among the community. The Proximity Mine is maybe here to create a new meta and may have a massive impact on the competitive gameplay.

Trick with new proximity mines. (Credit: OrangeGuy) from FortniteCompetitive

As usual, just as any other update before, there are multiple bug fixes that Epic Games is having trouble fixing. One of the most important, of course, the FPS drop, which may linger for a more extended time until it gets a proper fix.

For more details on Patch 12.10, we had to follow the official Trello Board:


  • Flair style of Y0ND3R incorrectly locked.
  • Big Haul Glider variant may not unlock.

Battle Royale

  • XP gain from XP Coins not appearing in the XP bar.
  • Unable to close map with map input if bound to directional pad up.
  • Teammate arrows flickering / temporarily disappearing in Team Rumble.
    Weak Point hits not registering when very close to them.
  • Splitscreen: Player 1 interrupts Player 2’s trigger button action.


  • The Class Selector Device will not work unless the volume is visible.

Save the World

  • Unable to collect items with the pickup key.
  • Players may get stuck in the inventory menu.
  • Controller inputs may not function correctly on Feedback / Reporting in the player menus.


  • Updating to the latest patch.
  • Map markers misaligned after zooming.
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