Fortnite Deadpool Week 9 Challenges – Find Shorts and Salute Pants

Fortnite’s Week 9 is ongoing, and so as its Deadpool challenges. This time, completing the challenges will reward you with a new secret looking Deadpool skin, and they have already been leaked. Deadpool requires us to find his Shorts and Salute his Pants.

Just land on the deck and head at the front of the Yacht. The pants should be strapped on a pole. Probably Deadpool had taken a swim in his Deadpool suit and now’s he has to mitigate the consequences :). Do not forget, once you land there, you need to use the salute emote, otherwise the challenge won’t complete.

If the location of the pants for whatever reason changes, we’ll update this article and provide you with the right locations. First, everyone believed that it would be the Yacht, however, it turned out Deadpool pants to be on a completely opposite side of the map. Are we talking about the complete same location for every single player? Things are very strange…

Nevertheless, Deadpool’s pants are located on the tallest building in Sweaty Sands.

Deadpool’s shorts on the other side should be the ones drying right next to his computer in the hideout. Which means you do not need to get into a game in order to find them.

With all the above, we can conclude this guide as successful. Have a nice day in Fortnite, everyone!

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