Fortnite: Search Chests at Spy Bases

Week 7 is finally live, and it brings a couple of new challenges that somewhat require guidance. As always, we’re here to cover a couple of them, starting with “Search Chests at Spy Bases.” Spy Bases are buildings in which the new agents introduced in this season reside. Do not worry, we’ll mention Skye because this is pretty much her week.

This further means we have to visit a couple of bases, more precisely the one of Brutus, TNTina, Midas, and more importantly, Skye, which adventure begins today. But where are those locations precisely at? In the image below, we will mark the locations of all the drop spots, eligible for today’s challenge. All you need to do is just search and open chests.

With the picture above, we can conclude this guide as successful, so no further notices are required. Searching and opening chests is the most basic mechanic that every Fortnite player knows, and the only way to get geared and dive deeper into the Battle Royale match.

During this challenge, you may encounter a hefty number of henchmen, but being this deep into the Season we assume that you know how to deal with them. Therefore, good luck and have a beautiful day in Fortnite.

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