Nintendo Partners With LEGO To Bring LEGO Super Mario Power-Up Packs

Not while ago, it was announced that Nintendo would be partnering with LEGO so they can create a series of Super Mario toys. Now, Nintendo has finally revealed that there will be 4 power-up packs, which look awesome.

These new LEGO Super Mario toys will interact with the all the rest LEGO bricks, which will allow for making the creation of “real-life” levels.

The new power-up packs will introduce new ways for the timeless hero, Mario, to interact with the level. By adding the suit and hat from each power-up pack toy, will change the way to play with the Mario figure.

The four toys include the Propeller Mario suit, Fire Mario suit, the Builder Mario suit, and the Cat Mario suit.

What’s very interesting is that the sound effects change as you change the parts of the toy. Each toy has its own trademark, (collecting coins, throwing fireballs, etc.) which you can see in the trailer.


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