Valorant Forcefully Matching Players on Turkish Servers?

It seems that Riot Games have messed up big time. Multiple reports of players living in the EU, countries such as Germany, Netherlands, the UK, and others, claim of forceful play on Turkish servers. No matter if you’re on the complete opposite side of the EU, such as Portugal, you may find yourself on the Turkish servers as well.

I know the title of this post may look intrusive, but because there’s no option to choose from, such as server preference, it reflects the title perfectly.

From a personal perspective, I honestly do care about my Valorant rank. I’ve managed to get to Immortal 2, until the moment when I started matching on Turkish servers with 80-100+ ping. It was two days ago. Since then, rank demoting has become my hobby. However, that’s not the only issue. As Turkish players, they distinguish themselves by the ping, and if they determine they have the majority of players in a team, most of them will start talking on their native language.

Basically said, 2 in 1. Hopefully, Riot Games is working to resolve this issue. Multiple players have instructed me to write a ticket, while representatives are stating the opposite. Even players from Portugal are being matched on Turkish servers, which is not appropriate at all. Riot Games has always been encouraging fair gameplay, but this is by far off the track. Turkish players have the upper hand by having a great connection, while others struggle to land a headshot.

Being in Beta, there’s no room to judge, but it’s becoming a horrific issue that could sometimes make anyone lose control.

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Angel Kicevski

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  1. If i dont play with friend all the random people are turkish EVERY SINGLE GAME and noone speaks english.

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