German Retailer Listed Resident Evil 8, Possibly Coming Soon?

After numerous hints and assumptions, a German Retailer has possibly revealed Resident Evil 8’s destiny, and it may come out soon. Over the last couple of years, Resident Evil’s series has been teased by data miners and leaks. It wouldn’t be a strange question to see another retailer cresting the game’s outcome.

The German retailer that made the listing is GamesOnly, and from what it seems, it has listed the upcoming Resident Evil 8 in the PlayStation 4 category. While the release date is still unknown, this leak may intrigue a rather closer than a distant release date.

Shortly after numerous web portals noticed the listing, it has been taken down. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the internet has missed its entirety. What we can see from the image is that the game will cost 59,99 EUR. The game’s description, according to the website, was as follows:

It should be by far the darkest and cruelest part of the Resident Evil series … stay tuned … …

Capcom is very well known for this kind of advertisement, which seems to be creating a favorable environment among the fans. Thus, it wouldn’t be the first time to do so. Everyone who loves the Resident Evil series wouldn’t miss a surprise for a new journey.

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