Pokemon Go 3 Excellent Throws in a Row Trick

Trainers, are you struggling to complete the “3 excellent throws in a row” quest? What if I tell you that there is a trick you can use and complete the quest without even breaking a sweat? Yes, that’s right and all you have to do is to follow the simple steps shown below.

A Pokemon Go player who goes by Hurricane212 on TSR shared a very helpful trick about how to complete the “3 excellent throws in a row” task even if you miss one and trust me, you’re all going to love it.

Here is what you should do, as explained by Hurricane212:


You already got one excellent throw. Now click on the second Pokemon, turn off your mobile data and do the next throw.

  • Option 1: You hit the excellent – just turn on your mobile data again to let it count towards the quest.
  • Option 2: You missed the excellent throw -close the app, then turn on mobile data and restart the app.

You will still have your quest progress of throws set at 1 of 3 if you do option 2. This works for both iPhone and Android.

Chance created the situation, genius utilized it. Hats off to Hurricane212.

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