Fortnite X Marvel’s Avengers Collab Introduces New Hulk Cosmetics

Thanks to a new Fortnite x Marvel’s Avengers collaboration, Epic Games lets PS4 and Xbox One players to unlock new Fortnite cosmetics. In particular, that will be a new Hulk Smashers Pickaxe and a bonus Hulkbuster style. To gain access to them, you will need to complete the HARM challenges in Marvel’s Avengers Beta.

The beta version of Marvel’s Avengers will occur in August.

Just to clarify, these challenges are only available in the beta client of Marvel’s Avengers, and they cannot be found in Fortnite. In the beta, the HARM missions will include multiple objectives, and the difficulty of each will vary. We assume the HARM missions will be bound to the achievement required to unlock the Pickaxe and bonus Hulkbuster style upon their completion.

Epic Games has made the announcement on Fortnite’s official Twitter profile. (@FortniteGame).

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