Microsoft’s Fable might reveal on July 23 with fresh in-engine trailer

After the trademark renewal for Fable, which was discovered on July 3rd this year, Microsoft is now probably planning to land an official announcement regarding the title. The twitter placeholder accounts are still in power, and industry insiders are on the lookout for any potential break into the cycle.

Luckily, Klobrile, also known as a vital piece in the gaming industry, has shuffled himself into the conversation regarding Fable. On Resetera, Klobrille has discovered that a new Fable game is scheduled for a reveal on July 23rd. A new game trailer with in-engine properties is also likely to get a hold of.

According to Klobrille:

Yep, exactly. We’ll see fewer games overall this year, yet all the more first-party content. A bit of a shift from quantity to quality and the content that actually matters to convince players to enter the Xbox ecosystem you could say. There still will be third-party of course, but the focus is XGS.

First, a rumor, then a trademark renewal, then a significant discovery of a potential Fable reveal event on July 23rd. We just need to wait and see if Fable is indeed in development and if the game will announce soon.

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