Multiple Fortnite Skins Leaked With Lazy “Jonesy” Thor On The Frontline

As expected, Marvel continues to follow the path and poke additional collab and cross-promos with Epic Games. But after yesterday’s leak, we cannot confirm if this is yet another collaboration. Yesterday, multiple Fortnite skins were leaked, among which one skin seemed to be Jonesy (Set Name: Dad Bod Jonesy), resembling the exact frame of Avengers: Endgame’s lazy Thor.

The lazy Thor, the one we remember from Avengers: Endgame, seems destined to arrive in Fortnite. Staring Jonesy, this skin will be named differently. We have no affirmation that this is due to a collaboration process, so we’ll have to wait and see if any advertisement proves that.

Thanks to Firemonkey, a tireless data miner, there were multiple other skins leaked. Ones that come as a part of a complete set, and others that are considered miscellaneous. All of them are intended to cycle in the Fortnite Item shop in the coming period.

Below you can find the complete list of sets that were leaked by Firemonkey, including the funny Thor. All of the skins below have their proper set names included, as per Firemonkey’s info.

Set: Relaxed Fit

  • Skin: Dad Bod Jonesy or Lazy and Fat Thor
  • Backbling – Beef Pack [Default + Prechewed Pack Variants]
  • Pickaxe – Snax
Leaked by Firemonkey

Set: Feeding Frenzy

  • Female – Cozy Chomps
  • Female Backbling – Sharky Shawl
  • Male – Comfy Chomps
  • Male Backbling – Overbite

Set: Brobotics

  • Skin – Bryce 3000
  • Backbling – Boombox 3000

Set: Impact

  • Skin – Kyra
  • Backbling – Impact Green
  • Pickaxe – Block Blades
  • Glider – Green Eagle

Set: Hard Road

  • Skin – Rally Raider
  • Backbling – Weathered Wings

Set: Wildest West

  • Skin – Safari
  • Backbling – Gunny Sack
  • Pickaxe – Flail Blades

Set: Rough Raiders

  • Skin – Par Patroller
  • Pickaxe – Hook Slicer

Set: Team Heartbreak

  • Skin – Darkheart
  • Backbling – Heartless Wings
  • Pickaxe – Bewitch Blades

To preserve all the misc skins, take a look at Firemonkey’s tweet below:


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