Escape From Tarkov May Finally Get Its Long-Awaited Compass

Escape From Tarkov is by no doubt one of the most exciting and realistic tactical first-person shooters. However, lots of players, especially newcomers, have some issues determining where precisely the east, west, north, or south is on most of the maps, especially on Shoreline.

In previous dev blogs, the developer of EFT, Battlestate Games, has spoken about new additions that should help players navigate easier throughout their raid sessions. Thus, pinpointing a cardinal direction can be done by using a compass, which was recently established as the next and upcoming item in the game.

But that’s not only it. The compass may also help players to report enemies seen over distance, with a correct bearing input, which at the moment is a lot more required than just used for navigation. At first, the watches on the character’s left hand were supposed to contain a compass to help players report easier, but the latest image posted by EFT somewhat proves the opposite.

Battlestate Games has posted an image of the compass and its early look in Escape From Tarkov. You can find the picture below:

The more important question is, are we going to need a compass in a video game like this? Aside from Shoreline (help newcomers pinpoint east and west wing of the resort), we cannot see the other maps seeking urge for a compass. At least not for those who are currently available. Maybe “Streets of Tarkov” will be the other map in which navigation devices are welcomed. But so far, adding a compass to the game would most probably allude to one thing, and that is the plan of making EFT an excellent sandbox environment and delve into its open-world. There, this type of item would be much appreciated.

We do believe that BSG is planning on lifting the borders between the available maps in Escape From Tarkov, sooner or later. If done, it may induce a whole new gameplay experience for everyone. If this transition ever occurs, it is by no doubt that EFT will drag other new features along the line.

What I can say is that Escape From Tarkov has all the obligatory mechanics to go Open-World. Feeding, medicating, salvaging, everything is merely there, except for the development phase, which is far away from its final one.

So, what do you think about the compass, would you ever need to use it or not?

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