Hitman 3 – VR: Become the Hitman – Developer Insights

Imagine playing not with Agent 47, but playing the character itself, Agent 47. Well, it wouldn’t be strange once Hitman 3 and its VR support releases. To delve deeper into it, the developers have released a new Developer Insights video, which aims to depict how the main character relates to the vegetation and all its targets.

Agent47, the so-known protagonist in the Hitman video game franchise, will be finally carved into player’s minds. Having the opportunity to enter his soul and for once witness all the dialogues in first-person is probably the most brilliant thing you could ever do in HITMAN VR.

Naturally, VR most probably alters the way the game will be played, invoking players to follow each and every possible dialog that may lead to a distinct mission conclusion. IOI has posted an insight and explained a couple of core changes coming with the support of VR, and most of them are quite decisive and overwhelming.

The team at IO Interactive share insights into HITMAN 3’s VR support and talk about what players can expect from this new way to play the game.

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