Phil Spencer Says the Xbox Series X Level Noise is similar to the Xbox One X

We know how the war is currently standing and how Microsoft wants the Xbox Series X to be more successful than its competitors. However, the delay of Halo Infinite surely had an impact on the players, so there has to be another marketing value to be chased. For that reason, Phil Spencer has shuffled his marketing entries, trying to reach the public.

In a recent livestream on Twitch, Phil Spencer had talked about the noise of the Xbox Series X and how Phil Spencer delegated on creating a silent console before all. According to him:

On the GPU and CPU side, these consoles are powerful computers essentially. I wanted a large fan that we could spin a little more slowly so that we’re not making noise. I wanted to make a really quiet console. I love what we had done with the Xbox One X and the quietness of the console is something we focused on.

When I put the Series X in place of my One X, there was no more noise than what I saw with the One X and a lot more power.

Recently, the Xbox Series X was confirmed to be launching in November 2020, which gives Microsoft a substantial amount of time to enhance their marketing plan.

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