CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Are Not Very Intelligent – Gameplay Leaked

During Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War Zombie Gameplay Reveal, there was such a big hype regarding the advanced artificial intelligence which carried on until this leaked gameplay footage appeared. It seems that the Black Ops Cold War Zombies are not going to be as powerful as showcased in the reveal trailer. The zombies showcased in the leaked footage look more like they’re about to trip themselves before they get to their prey.

“In Die Machine, players will get a chance to decipher the unexplained anomalies scattered around the world whilst they battle through a horde of zombies.” Well, sorry to break it down for you, but it doesn’t seem that’s going to happen. A user by the name GRlZZy posted a portion of the Die Machine chapter in a Reddit thread, which is everything but not an exciting zombie experience.

Looking at the leaked footage, the player’s UI, and everything else, including the name of the Chapter, Die Machine, it cannot be a word about a montage. It’s clear what the zombies will look like, even though it might seem that this is just the beginning of the journey for each player, and the difficulty might be easier. Most of the fans have already expressed themselves on the matter and concluded that the old zombie experience is much more exciting.

Spoiler Alert:

You can take a look at the leaked Black Ops Cold War Zombies gameplay footage below.

There’s a peculiar word to describe the zombies in the trailer, and that is most probably “wheelchair.” Watching the player being able to melee them without any consequences makes this look like a gem. Rather than zombies with a heavy complexity behind them, Black Ops Cold War zombies will be a sliver of excitement, considering it was a heavily alluded part of the game.

Furthermore, the game will drop a variety of items of different rarity. Some of them will be weapon modifications and help to progress deeper into the story. It adds some RPG element to it, and if the Zombie difficulty scales as you progress through, it will be fun to see how the narrative develops. But, more about that once the game releases.

Black Ops Cold War releases on November 13, with the preload already being available on all platforms.

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