New Fortnite Leak indicates new aim assist changes

Dataminer has discovered something intriguing and of enormous value for those who enjoy playing Fortnite’s Battle Royale on a controller. Apparently, Epic Games added some files to the game, indicating a possible aim to assist changes. Aim assist has been a neverending topic on the Fortnite competitive scene, and each time there is a change to it, talks start whirling around the social media.

According to Mang0e, a Fortnite dataminer, Fortnite’s update 15.00 added a plugin called “TargetingSystem”. Even after a while, when everyone believed the aim assist in Fortnite had met its balance on the competitive scene, Epic Games decides to put their hands on this hard-lingering and tedious issue once again. Hence, the Aim Assist might get a slight change in the upcoming period. We honestly believe that this topic would never settle, as the controller aim assist has a history of intense domination over the PC.

More about the discovered file can be found below. The description line holds the following info:

Generic Targeting System to be used for gameplay. Abilities/Aim Assist/etc.

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