The Maw is one of, if not the hardest Zones ever brought to World of Warcraft

Getting dizzy from playing World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? I mean, I am getting dizzy too. Every single world first raider hates the new zone introduced in Shadowlands, and that is for a reason. What’s tricky is that The Maw is also the most important zone in this expansion, both for gearing/raiding, but also for buying permanent upgrades regarding weekly content such as Torghast and again, The Maw.

Therefore, players are somewhat pushed to gain rep with the Ve’nari, so they can enhance their pieces of gear with sockets, etc. But, what the public thinks about the zone itself? Well, you can check below. Every single hardcore player hates the zone because of its phenomena. It’s very time consuming, thanks to the Jailer’s forces.

The zone slightly reminds us of Vanilla WoW, where dealing with creatures around the world was actually challenging. Nevertheless, even if the nostalgia is present in the player’s hearts, the hate spread across social media is disagreeable.

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Amie Gammons

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