WoW Shadowlands “Greeting a God” quest making people lose their minds

Hey, if you’re in the second week of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, players using the power of the Night Fae covenant will get a new quest chain after researching the conservatory. The quest will eventually lead you to “Greeting a God”. A lot of people believed the quest is bugged, but it is not. It is just time-consuming and you need to spend some time waiting for the incubation to complete.

As the quest says:

Greeting a God

Wait for the spirit to finish incubating, then open the wildseed.

  • 0/1 Release the spirit from the wildseed

Now soon after you take the quest, head down to the wildseed and target it. You will notice a buff that requires you to wait 1 hour for its incubation to finish.

Therefore, the quest is not bugged, but instead, it requires time to hatch. Once the incubation is complete you will be able to release the spirit from the wildseed and complete the quest.

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