343 Industries Discover New Details about Halo Infinite’s Combat, Weapons, Vehicles and more

With Halo Infinite facing a delay in 2020, the game is zooming through its extended course of development and getting close to its promised release in 2021. The release is estimated for this fall, of course, if the game doesn’t hit another roadblock for 343 Industries to delay it even more. As the months are passing through, 343 Industries is revealing new features coming to Halo Infinite.

“Inside Infinite” has already begun, and with the latest update, we’ve been introduced to new combat features and some vehicular investments that will be present at release. The Full Q&A regarding Halo Infinite can be found here. The conversation is between the Community Manager Brian Jarrard and developers who are important for the sandbox design.

The Halo Infinite Combat Doctrine has also been addressed, which is a core element in Halo’s gameplay. It adds more than just a portion, and it’s one of the unique features that wobbles together in the final product. Without further ado, make sure you visit the latest and rather long Q&A.

Halo Infinite is still set to release this fall on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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