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Halo Infinite’s Latest Update Unleashes the Redline Interrupt Coating and Flenser Armor Bundle

Halo Infinite continues its journey of exciting updates with the release of the Redline Interrupt Coating and Flenser Armor Bundle, announced on May 24. This release is set to revolutionize players’ armor customization options and elevate their gameplay experiences in the immersive Halo universe.

The headlining feature of this update, the Redline Interrupt CHIMERA coating, is the latest addition to the game’s collection of unique armor coatings. The most striking part of this update is the introduction of the Flenser Armor Bundle, described as the key to the “next generation of cybernetic war machines.”

Halo Infinite Redline Interrupt Coating | Flenser Armor Bundle

Complete all your Weekly Challenges and the Ultimate Challenge to earn this week’s Ultimate Reward – the Redline Interrupt CHIMERA coating.

A new Ultimate Reward will become available every week, so keep an eye on your Challenges and take advantage of these free rewards.

Equip your CHIMERA with the latest tec,h which includes:

  • Flenser helmet
  • Ghostlink Adaptation helmet attachment
  • Heirodyne Augmentor shoulders
  • Compliance Protocol chest attachment
  • Crysknife Utility hip attachment
  • Brink Plugin wrist attachment
  • Redundant Spiral armor coating
  • Tracelines visor

Head to the Shop and grab the Flenser Bundle today. Your expertise has been called upon for your infolife masters…

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