Netflix announced new animated series set in the DOTA universe

Netflix and Valve will team up to set up an anime in the DOTA universe. The series are on their way to Netflix, and will arrive on March 25, 2021. Named DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, the series will be set in the DOTA universe with roles and characters from the original game. The teaser trailer includes Davion, which is Dragon Knight in the world of DOTA 2.

In the trailer, Davion is being introduced and shortly after wields a fight against a giant Dragon. The trailer concludes shortly after and doesn’t hold any other information. Dota 2 fans that are already familiar with the lore know that after Davion emerges victorious in the Dragon Fight, he becomes a dragon himself, allowing him to transform into a Dragon and breathe fire.

The anime series is most probably going to include multiple heroes from DOTA 2, as according to the official Netflix’s description, Davion would meet Mirana, the princess of the moon. Mirana is another sounding Dota 2 character, crucial to the lore knowing her strong presence since the modded version of the game.

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