Games coming to Xbox and Windows 10 PC – March 23 to March 26

The upcoming week of March is cataloged to introduce a slew of surprises for all Xbox and PC users. In a recent Next Week article, Microsoft has discovered what exactly is evaluated to arrive in the Xbox and Windows 10 PC repository from March 23 to March 26, both from triple-A and Indie developers. If you’re an Xbox or PC player, paradise is here.

Xbox plans to dip into multiple genres, as posted in the titles below. The most exciting would be by no doubt It Takes Two, Hazelight’s upcoming co-op adventure, which arrives on March 26. It Takes Two puts two players in the feet of a married couple, Cody and May, whose marriage is on the brink of extinction.

Both Cody and May are turned into dolls by a magic spell, and that is exactly where the fun begins. Set in a distinct world, both of them will have to collaborate to achieve the main challenge, and that is saving their fractured relationship. It Takes Two is definitely a game full of emotions, comedy, and innovation for sure.

Without further ado, look at the full list of games arriving to Xbox and Windows 10 PC from March 23 to March 26.

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