WoW: Shadowlands Players getting burnt from the anima grind and the expansion in general

Earlier today, multiple World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players have come out on Twitter to compel worrying statements. Apparently, the game and its design feel quite infernal, as it burns out players very early in the expansion. If it wasn’t for the Mythic Dungeons gear upgrade and Valor Points update, players would’ve already been done with the expansion.

It really doesn’t imbue the fact that the players are struggling to find an entertainment source. All they do is farm anima, which is the main currency of the expansion, which also serves to upgrade your Covenant and buy really cool cosmetics. What’s on the downside is that covenant swap doesn’t really help you, as you will have to start from the beginning follow the same path once again.

Sinnie is a girl streamer known for its top achievements, and it’s a completionist in general, with tons of achievements and a sturdy pet collection that’s basically put her on the grind 24/7. She claimed that she has discovered how much exactly you’ll need to go through and acquire everything possible. In a recent tweet, she stated the following:

No matter how dedicated you are, you’re less likely going to achieve the above-stated. What do you think? Do you believe WoW: Shadowlands is currently burning out its entire player base? Blizzard is most likely going to find a way to lower the demands, as the grind stated above is seemingly unreachable.

We had to follow and support Polygon on their recent statement, and as a WoW player myself, I can completely agree with everything stated.

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