All Unreleased Skins Coming To Fortnite, Will Smith, Wonder Woman and more

Fortnite data miners have revealed many Fortnite Skins expected to assert their presence in the game soon. Apparently, there are plenty of premium skins coming from the movie industry. Throughout the past couple of days, data miners revealed Will Smith (with Mike Lowrey), Morty from Rick and Morty, Wonder Woman, and music artist J. Balvin.

Will Smith‘s skin will be called Mike Lowrey, based on the Bad Boys movie franchise. The ruthless police officer from Bad Boys is coming to make sure peace endures in Fortnite. You can check out his skin below:

Wonder Woman is the other skin not yet released in Fortnite. The fans highly anticipate her presence, and her look in-game can be found below:

Morty from Rick and Morty:

J. Balvin‘s skin is a part of the ICON series with multiple style variants:

Hypex, a known Fortnite data miner, has made a video compilation containing the upcoming, unreleased skins to Fortnite. The video is 8 minutes long, so you could expect plenty of skins, among which the aforementioned are also found.

Epic Games has established a decent amount of collaborations over the past. Football, soccer, basketball, movie industry, multiple universes merged in one place. These collaborations are likely to continue in the future, as Epic Games is known for its care for unity and positive surprise.

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