Is World of Warcraft Coming Back On Track With Patch 9.1.5?

It appears that Blizzard has doubled down on World of Warcraft’s development shortly after the recent company leadership changes. In the most recent 9.1.5 content update and preview post, the developer has announced many changes demanded by the community for a long, long time. After a pretty much silent year and period filled with lawsuits and charges against Blizzard, the company has decided to double down on long-awaited features craved by fans.

But will that save World of Warcraft? Is 9.1.5 going to benefit the developed and recover its player base? Currently, Blizzard’s WoW subscription base is undoubtedly dipping down. With all the turbulent news engulfing Blizzard recently, I personally doubt that it will receive the right attention, no matter what change is performed.

Every change regarding the covenants and the current expansion is not as impactful in my eyes. Yes, players will have the freedom to shuffle through things and get better rewards promptly. Players will also be able to swap covenants and get better customizations with 9.1.5 too. But that is not as impactful as one thing listed in the update.

One thing I am excited about, however, is that the Legion expansion will finally be a part of nowadays content. One of the most exciting changes coming to the game is the Legion Timewalking with access to Legion Mythic+. That means that Mythic+ is getting back to its roots.


Delve back into Legion Dungeons with Legion Timewalking and take on the challenges within, including access to Legion Mythic+ dungeons. This event will run for two weeks the first time it runs within the game and then will resume a regular one-week schedule for subsequent bonus events.

Previously, Blizzard was well-distinguished for its “last-patch-game-fix,” which resulted in fully revitalizing an expansion before releasing a new one. Now, they seem to be doing this a lot earlier than before. So, what do you think about WoW’s patch 9.1.5? Should we praise the developer and give the game one more try, or leave it be? Let us know in the comments below!

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