New World “Tales of Aeternum” Series Familiarize Fans With some of the NPC families

Tales of Aeternum is a new series covering the NPC families wayfarers will encounter in the MMORPG developed by Amazon Games, New World.  This movie series takes us closer to the core of the already Angry World and has the purpose of introducing some of the great-looking NPCs scattered across Aeternum. Prepared for anything, the keepers of Aeternum are there to defend their world.

How exactly The Angry Earth and its peacekeepers respond to human interaction is more than amazing. In today’s video, the developer talks about the Dryads, the mystical creatures that care about the land, whose organization and roles greatly impact the game itself. They are among the strongest ones on the planet that deny violence and danger by keeping their oath. Saving the world is their primary goal, and they look to succeed in that.

In New World, there are more native factions than what you probably met during the closed beta. As you progress through the world and head towards the north side of the map, you will slowly unveil more unique creatures ready for any encounter.

New World has recently been delayed to September 28 after the developers pinpointed their inability to eliminate all of the bugs reported during the closed beta phase.

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