Learn More about the Sound Development and Implementation in New World

Just as we’re getting closer to its release date, Amazon Games has published a new video that showcases the beauty of Aeternum and the urge to design such beautiful vegetation, including the most critical piece of the puzzle, the sound. New World’s sound director and developers share their effort and composer collaborating on Aeternum’s soundtracks. We found that scoring Aeternum has always been challenging and not an easy task to do. The open world in this game is not like others, and it’s expected to surprise fans even more once the game releases.

Join the Aeternum sound team in a Dive into their making-of with exclusive access to Discover the sounds of New World. Learn more about how Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell are capturing a unique soundtrack for this vast game. Listen as they share what inspires them creatively while crafting music that embodies all things magical. You’ll be able to hear every detail of theirs.

Every inch of the land feels alive with possibility. But a world cannot exist in a vacuum; to make this game sing, you need sound too! Every strike, scrape, or roar is what makes up such a fantastic place for players who want nothing more than lose themselves within these pages and explore every last corner at their own pace–or fight against towering monsters if they are brave enough. Everything contributes to the making of such a fantastic world to lose yourself in. Topped with the already available and distinct-to-zone soundtracks, it enables a much deeper and exciting experience.

The masterminds behind the sound in Aeternum in the video above acknowledge how hard they did to implement their vision in New World.

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