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New World Tier 2 INT Gems are Broken and Deal More Damage

New World has been out for quite a while now, and it seems that players are discovering new flaws. This deep in its life cycle, there has been further damage exploit that starts being used by more and more players, and it involves Tier 2 gems. Tier 2 Gems that scale off with Intelligence deal more significant total damage than the Tier 5 gems that scale with Intelligence.

The confirmation for such matter comes after my evaluation on whether the rumors are true or not, as I am playing Fire and Ice mage, where Intelligence is my primary stat. After performing the tests, I could conclude that this is indeed true, so having a third point and +15% elemental damage does work very weird when it comes to gems.

I did the testing with my 301 intelligence and full gear on a Prime Resolve fire staff. So with my Tier 5 Void Gem, my character did the following damage:

  • 424 raw, 424 Void, which equals 848. (See Image Below)

With the Tier 2 Gems on the target dummies, I managed to deal the following damage:

  • 679 raw, 272 Void, which equals 951. (See image below)

My curiosity went deeper, and I tried to equip a Carnelian gem just to negate any weapon effect. It returned a raw of 846 damage. (See image below)

Judging by the evidence, we can confirm something’s wrong with the Tier 2 gems that scale with Intelligence. The Tier 5 Amethyst gem turned out to do the same as with no gem, which is how it should be. In contrast, the Tier 2 gem boosts the total damage output.

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