GTA Trilogy Preload is available on Xbox

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – this game has gone from a surprise to one of the most anticipated releases in recent memory. The game can now be preloaded, so you head dive in once it officially launches. GTA Trilogy is supposed to arrive on November 11, which is six days from this writing.

The ground-breaking, award-winning Grand Theft Auto series is back with a remastered collection of three titles that have been beloved by gamers for years. The Definitive Edition includes games like GTA III and Vice City, and San Andreas, which are all set to feel familiar yet refreshing due to their new updates!

The release date for this title is fast approaching, and most people would assume that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy can be preloaded on other consoles. However, it seems only Xbox Game Pass users who own an Xbox Series X/S or One can do this right now – no official information has been found about the PlayStation 4 & 5 released their service in time before launch day (9th).

The file sizes of these games aren’t all that massive either, given the dated nature of these titles. Grand Theft Auto 3 is 5.3 GB and can be downloaded in 15 minutes with a broadband connection; GTA Vice City weighs around 10GB! Finally, there’s San Andreas which takes up 22GB.

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