Dune: Spice Wars enters Early Access in 2022

The Game Awards is full of surprises so far

The time is nigh for a new generation of strategy gamers. As Shiro Games enters their 4X-fueled Spice Wars into early access, they are bringing with them some serious pedigree and hype in Northgard from last year’s release! Funcom will publish the game, so you know it’ll have all the quality checks that come standard when trusting your gaming experience to these guys.

It’s a bold move for any studio to make another RTS game with the same intellectual property, but Shiro certainly seems up to it. The multi-award-winning Northgard is among one of today’s most highly regarded games that utilized an expansion pack already released on top platforms like PC, and console gamers have been waiting patiently in anticipation as they wait for what will come next from this talented team at their subsequent disposal!!!

The Landsraad is dangerous, where the most potent houses wage war for control. The Spice Wars will include multiple asymmetrical factions with an ability to sabotage and assassinate your opponents – not only on land but also at sea! Players even have access to political leverage by leveraging their influence among other noble houses in this bitter conflict that has been going on since before recorded history began…

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