Escape From Tarkov Day 6 Pre-Wipe Event Introduces Terminator Scavs

The Scavs are on the loose, and they have the gear to cause a mayhem in Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov’s pre-wipe event is still ongoing, and Day 6 is here to make things spicier than ever. Everyone is eager to get some goodies out of TerraGroup’s property, also known as the Lab in Escape From Tarkov. This includes the less popular faction in the game, the Scavs, which are going nuts by stealing all the gear from Labs and keeping it for themselves.

Before discussing the pre-wipe event, make sure you check the official Tweet by Battlestate Games, which reveals an SMS message sent to one of the operators.

Hello Upir’, have you heard about the lab? I was scouting with Rjaviy on Saturday and found a hole in the wall around labs. People were stealing all the stuff from there. They got a couple of scots outside, and everyone else is robbing the place blind, stashing all the loot in the car. You down to get some people and make some mess? We can get plenty of stuff there. I’ll wait for you to call me on my other number.

What does this mean? Well, this means that Scavengers are geared out of their mind, and you shouldn’t forget looting if you eliminate some of them. People have already started confirming that Scavs are currently wearing highly valued gear on themselves, such as Space Trooper M4s, Exful Helmets, Zhuk armors, and more. Indirectly this also introduces Scavs on Labs. The new and overgeared Scavs are currently roaming the whole Tarkov island, and you should be on the lookout for anything that moves.

Escape From Tarkov is currently on its sixth day of pre-wipe events. As the pre-wipe event develops, it is expected to conclude with a significant discount when in-game traders begin to sell their entire inventory to players for dirt cheap. That has always been a part of a pre-wipe event, so we could only assume it will occur during this wipe too.

Escape From Tarkov’s next wipe is slated for tomorrow, deploying the long-awaited patch 12.12.

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