Peacekeeper Questline

Escape From Tarkov “Fishing Gear” Quest Guide

Updated with 0.12.12

Fishing Guide is one of the early quests given by Peacekeeper. It asks you to deliver two items on Shoreline.

Escape From Tarkov Fishing Gear Quest Details

Fishing Gear quest guide

Fishing Quest Dialogue

Goof afternoon, mercenary. My name is Peacekeeper, and you were recommended by Skier, as a man who knows his value and the value of loyalty too. Let’s not waste time and get straight to business. I need to deliver certain gear to certain people. I’ll give you all the stuff I need to be moved, and your job will be to leave it all in a certain spot – on the Shoreline, next to one of the – what’s it called – breakwaters. There is a boat nearby, and that is where you drop the gear. Is the task clear?

Initial Equipment

  • SV-98 7.62x54R bolt-action sniper rifle – 1 Need to be placed at the dropoff location
  • Leatherman Multitool – 1 need to be placed at the dropoff location


  • Locate the boat hidden next to the breakwater on Shoreline
  • Stash the SV-98 sniper rifle in the boat
  • Stash the multitool in the boat
  • Survive and extract from the location


  • +4800 XP
  • +0.02 reputation with Peacekeeper
  • ~800 Dollars
  • 1x Untar helmet
  • Unlocks the purchase of SIG Sauer ROMEO4 reflex sight from Peacekeeper

Reward Dialogue

My contacts received everything they needed. Good job, will be glad to work with you more, mercenary.


Completing this quest is straightforward and easy, all you need to do is know the secret spot where the gear needs to be delivered. Peacekeeper gives you the two items you need to place, just make sure you take them with you before you enter Shoreline. So, where’s the secret location exactly?

Both the SV-98 and Leatherman Multitool need to be placed at the same location. Down south by the showers at the beach. In the images below we have marked the location on the map, but also posted some closeup images of the location itself.

Just make sure you clear the coast before storming in. Leaving the items would take 20 seconds each, and you need to keep hold of your action button to do so. Good luck!

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