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Ready or Not Gets Major Content Update

This January Content Update adds plenty of surprises

Ready or Not, Void Interactive’s intense, tactical, first-person shooter depicts a modern-day world where SWAT police units are called to defuse hostile and confronting situations. The game has slowly caught the world by a positive surprise thanks to its co-op shooter capabilities, and now it’s ready to bring its new additions to the game.

Ready or Not’s January Content Update adds three new test maps, Valley, Fast Food, and Penthouse. These maps are still work-in-progress and are expected to suffice and get better as time goes by. The update also adds new Weapon descriptions and interaction ranges.

This January content update also fixes many bugs, which is a common thing to see in a content update nowadays. As a result, players should not get stuck on the loading screen,


  • Fixed a rare bug causing you to get stuck on the loading screen
  • Fixed rare bug where trap wires would look incorrect (when doors were fully opened)
  • Fixed broken lightmap UVs
  • Fixed team view cam sometimes going to pre-mission planning level (viewing SWAT truck)
  • Fixed Optiwand mesh not appearing in Team View Cam
  • Various bugs and crash fixes
  • Depreciated SWAT command decal markers and outlines

Aside from those mentioned above, this update also adds tons of gameplay changes and features, improves how weapons and grenades work in general, and mends AI behavior to a decent extent. According to the complete list of patch notes, now they have the brains to set off traps and catch you off guard a lot easier. The update increases the number of Roamers, which could turn a peaceful moment into savagery.

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