Pokemon Legends Arceus How to Catch Flying Pokemon

There are Alpha Pokemon, there is a mass release of Pokemon, and there are flying Pokemon in the newest Pokemon Legends Arceus. This is quite an unusual thing in the Pokemon community, but it brings new mechanics and curiosity to the game.

Unlike the old way of catching Pokemon, here you only throw the Pokeball at the Pokemon you want to catch and wait. However, the problem is that the Flying Pokemon (different from the Flying-type Pokemon) fly above the ground. The balls might not reach them, or if they do, the Pokemon can change direction any time it wants.
There are ways of catching these Pokemon, but the easiest one is to be on the same level as the flying Pokemon. You might need to go somewhere high or climb a rock nearby. After you are on high grounds, time your Ball and throw it.

There are many PokeBalls in the game, but the most effective ones for Flying Pokemon are the Feather Ball, Wing Ball or Jet Ball. These balls are unique because, unlike other Balls, these travel in a straight line, making it easier for the player to catch the flying Pokemon. The only downside to these Balls is that the catch rate seems to be lower when using them.

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