Pokemon Legends Arceus What are Alpha Pokemon and Where to Find Them

The newest Pokemon Legends: Arceus has taken over the world in a matter of seconds, and it is a great action role-playing game that incorporates the cores of the gameplay of the mainline series. There are many elements to it, but the most important is, which are the locations of the Alpha Pokemon?

As the name suggests, an Alpha Pokemon is a stronger Pokemon than its regular forms, it has glowing red eyes and it is quite bigger in its form. The fun thing is that these beasts can spawn into the wild, and if you do not want to wait for one, you can go and explore in Space-Time Distortions.

The locations such as Obsidian Fieldlands, Crimson Mirelands, Cobalt Coastlands, Coronet Highlands, and Alabaster Icelands are locations where you can find an Alpha Pokemon 90% of the time. However, not every Pokemon can be found in either of these locations, so for that matter, we decided to make a list of which Alpha Pokemon can be found where.

In Obsidian Fieldlands, you can find Luxio in Floaro Gardens, Eevee, Rapidash and Bidoof in Horseshoe Plains, Heracross in Grueling Grove, Floatzel in Worn Bridge, Graveller in Grueling Grove, Gyarados in Lake Verity, Snorlax and Alakazam in Sandgem Flat, Geodude and Stantler in Deertrack Heights, Staravia in Windswept Run, Parasect in Deertrack Heights, Infernape in Ramanas Island, Kricketune in Nature’s Pantry, Bibarel in Tidewater Dam, and Lopunny and Scyther in The Heartwood.

In Crimson Mirelands, you can find Lickilicky in Shrouded Ruins, Roserade in both Cloudpool Ridge and Solaceon Ruins, Honchkrow in Cloudpool Ridge, Raichu, Ursaring and Pachirisu in Golden Lowlands, Tangrowth and Skuntank in Scarlet Bog, Toxicroak, Sliggoo and Torterra in Holm of Trials, Ursaring in Ursa’s Ring, Hippowdon in Sludge Mound, Onix in Solaceon Ruins, Carnivine and Vespiquen in Cottonsedge Prairie and Rhyhorn in Diamond Heath.

In Cobalt Coastlands we can find Mantine in Tranquility Cove, Chancey in Tombolo Walk, Dusknoir between Deadwood Haunt and Sand’s Reach, Golduck and Ambipom in Bather’s Lagoon, Walrein and Drapion in Ginkgo Landing, Machoke and Octillery in Castaway Shore, Gyarados in Tranquility Cove, Purguly in Veilstone Cape, Lumineon and Gastrodon in Seagrass Haven, Mothim in Spring Path, Sealeo and Empoleon in Islespy Shore and Ninetales in Firespit Island.

In Coronet Highlands, there are Electivire in Cloudcap Pass, Luxray and Rhyperior in Sacred Plaza, Gligar in Celestica Ruins, Gabite and Brozong in Clamberclaw Cliffs, Gliscor and Probopass in Primeval Grotto, Mismagius in Stonetooth Rows, Golem in Bolderoll Ravine, Steelix in Celestica Trails, Hisuian Goodra in Ancient Quarry, Budew, Hisuian Basculin and Clefable in Fabled Spring and Mothim in Wayward Wood and Crobat in Wayward Cave.

In the last location, known as Alabaster Icelands, these are the Alpha Pokemon that can be found. Garchomp, Froslass, and Chansey in Avalanche Slopes, Lucario and Electabuzz in Icebound Falls, Pilowsine, Hisuaian Sneasel, Mamoswine and Abomasnow in Avalugg’s Legacy, Machamp in Arena’s Approach, Glalie in Bonechill Wastes, Gardevoir in Heart’s Crag, Rugglet in Pearl Settlement, Gallade in Snowpoint Temple.

What are your thoughts about this game? Have you caught any Alpha Pokemon?

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