Lost Ark Bots Are Swarming The Game

A never-ending fight going on in literally every MMO game nowadays.

Gold spammers are chat and farm bots programmed to advertise and sell gold in Lost Ark (one of the game’s numerous currencies). These advertisements can cover up important messages from developers or obstruct player progress if they’re not removed promptly. However, they seem to be succeeding in their goal, which is one of the reasons why the price of the Crystals skyrocketed. If you’ve been watching videos claiming that they’ve been the reason for the alteration in prices, I believe you’re wrong, as this is far bigger than just one person’s impact.

The number of gold spammers in Lost Ark is growing. These bots are advertising regular sales, which can be very annoying for players who want to progress through the game without being constantly pestered by ads for other things they don’t care about or need help with. People are also claiming that most of these people are Koreans and Russians since they know the ropes of the game due to the earlier release in their region. Those who possess the skill and knowledge to gain gold much faster than newcomers.

There have been numerous videos posted on Reddit about encountering BOTS who are eligible to earn tons of gold based on their trade skill achievements. It’s not only the annoying advertisement but also the fact that these people are making bucks through RMT.

Lost ark Bots have Wall Hacks now. from lostarkgame

Bots in Lost Ark (Mind The Music Waiting For Asmon) from Asmongold

It looks like Amazon is cracking down on gold sellers who spam the chat! The Lost Ark team recently posted an update about their progress with the issue, saying that they are running frequent scripts to ban these spammers. Amazon has been catching up with the Gold spamming issue and is taking steps to address it. Previously, the developer stated: “We are also aware that there’s an increase in gold sellers posting messages across chats.”

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