Microsoft Edge Gets PC Gaming Performance Improvements

This new efficiency mode should be quite an interesting choice for gamers.

Microsoft is giving gamers a little more muscle with the new updates to its Edge browser. With an improved gaming-focused homepage and casual games integration, users can now enjoy better streaming on Xbox Cloud Gaming, thanks to Clarity Boost, which helps prevent your device from overusing resources while playing video games.

All without sacrificing performance when doing something else, such as browsing through articles online! The new efficiency mode for PC gamers will allow them to use their browser without disrupting gameplay. When enabled, this feature stops Edge from taking up resources when you’re playing a title and reopens it after it’s done so that there is less of an impact on system performance for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

In a world where you can’t take your computer with you everywhere, Microsoft Edge eliminates the need for tedious bottle-necks by allowing users to enjoy their favorite games without interruptions or limitations. The seamless experience will also help conserve energy on our own devices since we won’t have to shut down Efficiency mode each time someone visits an unhelpful site like Facebook!

Thanks to the new Clarity Boost feature for Xbox Cloud gaming. This will make streaming games much smoother and sharper thanks to some client-side scaling improvements, which are pretty noticeable according to Microsoft.

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