GTA 6 Leaks Revealing More About Upcoming Trailer

Is it a good day if there aren’t any leaks? It isn’t, right? It is safe to say that today is going to be a really good day (with an emphasis on really).

A post has appeared on Reddit, where it says that a certain leaker named 4chan has information regarding the upcoming GTA 6 trailer that is supposed to come out in the next few months. Here is what the person has written about the leak:

“Hi all, I’m currently working in QA at Rockstar Leeds remotely. A co-worker of mine recently shared details to me over Discord regarding the trailer and even several screenshots from the trailer itself.

Whilst I can’t attach these screenshots due to the traceability of the trailer itself (and the low volume of people who’ve actually seen it yet), I can attach a screenshot of my own of a quest-giving NPC during a flashback mission, named “Steve Robicheaux.”

You can prove me wrong or right when the trailer releases within the next few months.”

The details that the leaker has revealed are:

  • The trailer will be paced similarly to the initial 2011 reveal of V
  • The song used for the trailer will be a chopped-up version of “That’s All” by Genesis
  • The trailer will contain a theme of “polar opposites” regarding the protagonist character in a voice-over manner, and unfortunately, there aren’t any shots of this
  • Most shots will be in Miami (Vice City), and it will be focused on beachfront apartments and marina life
  • The second half of the trailer will showcase news crews on crime scenes, which gives the look of a documentary-type of shots
  • When the keyboard solo starts, the trailer will show an aerial pan of the city, and there will be a jet flying towards the city at sunset. There will be the VI logo and an estimated launch date

From what we know so far ( at least confirmed unofficially, or officially?), Take-Two is expected to spend nearly $89 million on marketing in the period between April 2023 and March 2024, which gives us a little bit of hope that maybe, and we mean maybe, GTA 6 will come out in 2024.

Please do not believe this, as it may turn out to be false. Any rumor or leak should be taken with a grain of salt until an official statement is released by any company or other source directly involved with GTA 6’s development or marketing.

Well, one thing is certain here: GTA 6 is really happening.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think they are true? Tell us in the comments below.

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