Steam launches its own charts page with top selling and most played games

The new page reveals both highest earning and most played games on the platform.

Steam, the digital reseller developed by Valve, decided to launch its own official charts page where people can see the top-selling and most played games on their platform. From now on, we can rely on the data provided by Steam, rather than hanging on some of the third-party websites whose job was to do the same.

SteamDB and Steamcharts will always be useful, but there’s no necessity to be monitored as much as Steam’s official charts now that they’re launched. As depicted in the picture below, not only the top sellers can be seen, but they can also be evaluated for how many spots they jumped prior.

Steam top sellers

The list above includes 100 different titles, and the same applies to the most played section. The list can be filtered to be seen by current or daily players, giving more freedom than before.

On the initial landing page, it is also reported how many players have been online on Steam, both its peak and current number. Just under the top 100 sellers and most played games, there are weekly top sellers and top new releases, which sometimes may indicate a solid, unpromoted product that may grant you access to vast entertainment.

As you may have noticed, there are some free-to-play titles that are generating a lot of $. For example, Apex Legends. It’s a free-to-play title, but it generates just enough to be above CS: GO and hold the third position on the list. Well, I do not know if Valve monitors the transactions on their community market, but the chart confirms that Apex Legends earns more than CS: GO.

For all the rest, make sure you head to their official charts page and have fun analyzing.

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