Alleged SIE Document Reveals Upcoming PlayStation Games

True or not, it remains to be witnessed in the future.

The future holds a lot of surprises, especially in the gaming industry. But a tiny bit of turbulence might spoil grave things, and that’s precisely what happened today. A document surfaced online, allegedly holding information about upcoming video game titles coming to PlayStation and PC.

The document has been making waves on 4chan and other forums after it was shared privately between journalists and insiders. So far, no one has verified its integrity, and it remains floating as a bubble waiting to be popped. Even if removed from 4chan, the document can still be found on one of the most popular gaming forums, ResetEra.

The upcoming games in the document’s contents reveal that a new Horizon Online game with multiplayer support is in the works, and surprisingly enough, there will be a VR game coming too. The games can be found below:

Developer Games Genre Platform Multiplayer Support
Guerilla Horizon 2 Open World PS5, PC No
Guerilla Horizon PS5 Remaster Open World PS5 No
Guerilla Horizon Online Open World PS5, PC Yes
Firesprite Horizon VR GaaS PS5 No
Firesprite Heartbreak GaaS PS5, PC No
Sumo Sackboy Platformer PC Yes
Sumo Carbon Open World PS5 Yes
Lucid Destruction All Stars Vehicle Combat PS5 Yes
Lucid Redstar Vehicle Combat PS5 Yes
Housemarque Returnal Roguelike PC Yes
KOEI Tecmo Ronin PS5 Yes
Kojima Prod Ocean Open World PS5 No
Ballistic Moon Bates Survival Horror PS5, PC No
London Camden GaaS PS5, PC Yes


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