Dota 2’s Archon Rank is Full of Smurfs

Recently I’ve been having a fun time in Dota 2. Three years ago, I was an Ancient rank and stopped playing Dota 2 due to toxicity. Recently, a friend of mine decided to bring me back in just for a couple of games, and then it became contagious, and I couldn’t stop playing. I calibrated as Crusader, which I don’t mind because I haven’t been playing for years.

Over the course of one week, I got myself to Archon, and I was like, oh, the games are easy. There are just new Neutral items to pay attention to, Shards and Aghanim Scepters, that I need to learn about. Other than that, it’s quite the same. But as I delved deeper, I noticed some weird occurrences I hadn’t witnessed before.

Now, the things I am going to say may put some faces on a rampage, but let’s keep it real. Believe it or not, there are some crazy skilled players you meet from time to time. At first, I was curious how can an Archon rank be that skilled, especially with heroes like Arc Warden, Meepo, etc… Initially, I believed that the Dota 2 player skill bar had grown. But, after talking to my Ancient and Divine friends that I used to play with, it turns out that it isn’t evolution but instead something else.

After evaluation, some of the highly skilled opponents I’ve met in the games have been either smurfs or boosters, considering their match history and recent success. After they spectated a couple of games of mine, they easily confirmed all of the anomalies. It appears that the god-tier gamers in Archon are not actual Archon players but instead are smurfs trying to have fun, or boosters trying to earn for a living.

Then, I decided to ask Reddit. I went to Reddit, and believe it or not, I wouldn’t have been writing this piece if I didn’t see today’s thread. A guy posted an image of a player having multiple rampages and destroying players all alone. For some reason, the thread got removed, but it can still be seen by visiting the link below.

claims to not be a smurf (also the amount of smurfing in archon and crusader bracket is f*****g annoying) (there is 2 more rampages below that as well from DotA2

There we go. This triggered me to write this piece, and I hope to see Valve fixing this issue. I’ve been stomped by SFs, Tinkers, and Arc Wardens all by themselves. They usually crush my mid-player and get BoT’s at the 9-min mark. What I wanted to say is spare me from your NO SMURF TALK because I am disgusted by it. This anomaly definitely needs more traction, and hopefully, then, Valve will do something about it.

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