Halo might switch to Unreal Engine 5

It seems that the developers of Halo are reconsidering their options, and according to recent reports, 343 Industries is planning to switch to Unreal Engine. These speculations might hold water, considering the recent turbulence caused in the developer’s rows. 343 Industries remains silent.

This switch may not apply to Halo Infinite but will be devoted to future projects. The reports claim that Halo may ditch its signature Slipspace Engine in favor of Epic’s Unreal Engine. This would make it one of the next high-profile games to leave their internal engines behind and move onto externally developed game technology as UT2004 did back when Microsoft owned them.

This would make it one of the most high-profile games that utilize an outside engine and could mean big things for future triple-A gaming! With Halo Infinite’s recent downgrading, it makes sense that the game would be sunsetting its Slipspace Engine. With Unreal Engine 5 currently being ahead in terms of advanced tech features (and having no plans for a Switch release), this seems like an appropriate decision – one which won’t come at too great cost or trouble, given how little time has passed since launch day!


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