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Fortnite 22.30 Patch Notes, Star Wars, Challenges and more

It’s time to take it among the stars, as Fortnite delivers update 22.30. Today, Fortnite deployed update 22.30, including some changes that will bring players on a new journey filled with challenges, quests, and more. But, being interested in its core alteration, let’s take a look at which issues have been addressed in the most recent update.

Furthermore, this update adds New outfits for the popular Star War characters Luke, Han, and Leia, becoming playable characters in Fortnite. Below you can find the respective trailer regarding these three characters.

Outfits for the original trilogy’s trio of heroes are now available in the popular shooter’s item shop. It’s the latest in a long line of Star Wars collaborations to have come to Fortnite, which have previously included playable characters from the sequel trilogy as well as lightsabers (which are also included as part of this week’s feature drop).

As per the revealed information on Fortnite’s official Trello page, these are the issues that have been fixed with the release of patch 2.30.

Fortnite Update 22.30 Notes

Battle Royale

  • Vehicle UI sometimes doesn’t switch back to normal UI after exiting the vehicle.


  • Prop Movers can’t always be reactivated in a round

Week 7 Challenges

  • Enter a Chrome Vortex
  • Use a Dial-A-Drop in different matches
  • Damage opponents with Ranged Weapons while Riding Wildlife
  • Damage opponents with Pistols, Harvesting Tools or Grenades
  • Search Chrome Chests at Flutter Barn or Shiny Sound
  • Pic Fruit from Reality Sapling
  • Deal Damage to opponents at Loot Lake
  • Collect Bars in a single match
  • Damage opponents with Shotguns

Week 8 Challenges

  • Deal damage to opponents using Shotguns from 15 meters away or less
  • Collect weapons from eliminated players
  • Hit an opponent with a Firefly Jar
  • Search Produce Boxes, Ice Machines or Coolers
  • Launch into the air using Launch Pads in different matches
  • Mark a weapon, a vehicle, and a fish in a single match
  • Throw Cow Cathers or Off-Road Tires
  • Search chests in a single match
  • Damage opponents with Sniper Rifles

Herald Challenges

  • Ignite 50 structures
  • Eliminate 10 opponents
  • Damage 500 opponents while Chrome-ified
  • Tame 2 Chrome-ified wildlife
  • Destroy 50 objects with the Explosive Goo Gun
  • Get Chrome-ified while driving
  • Talk with 3 characters and deliver The Herald’s Warning
  • Eliminate 7 opponents at airborne locations
  • Land at Herald’s Sanctum and place top 10 x2

FNCS Legends Landing quests

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