Issues to be fixed with the next Warzone 2.0 update

It appears that Raven Software has a lot in store, as depicted in the new Warzone 2.0 Trello Page. At the current time, the game has plenty of issues, and some people are not even able to play with their friends due to the flaw that prevents the opening of the social menu.

Warzone 2.0 Issues to be fixed

Game-Wide Issues

  • [All Platforms] Battle Tokens Error: An issue is being investigated that is causing players to encounter the “Max Tokens” error when attempting to spend tokens in the Battle Pass.
  • [All Platforms] Social Menu: Some players are unable to access the Social Menu.
  • [All Platforms] Operator Executions: An issue is being investigated that prevents players from equipping the default Operator Executions.
  • [All Platforms] Play Again Disabled: The Play Again button after a match has been disabled while we investigate an issue.

Battle Royale Issues

  • [All Platforms] Inconsistent AAR: We’re investigating an issue that is preventing the After Action Report from consistently appearing for Players. This does not impact XP gains.
  • [All Platforms] Missing Squad Widget: We’re aware of an issue causing squad members to not appear on the Squad Widget on the bottom left of the in-game interface.
  • [All Platforms] Skipping Downed Phase: Some Players are Eliminated in situations where they should have been Downed.

Inviting friends to your party

In fact, we have gone further down the rabbit hole and tried to add friends from the, which, sadly, is unresponsive as well. So, there’s definitely no way of adding new friends, but there is certainly a way to invite already existing friends to your party through party channels.

  1. Go to Channels by clicking on the headphones.
  2. Under Game Channels, click on your own party.
  3. New Party window will open.
  4. Click Invite to Channel.
  5. Invite your friends.
  6. After they accept, they will be automatically put in your party.

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