Dead Island 2 Gameplay Trailer reveals Pre-Order bonuses and game editions

As seen in the first trailer, get ready to take on zombies like you’ve never done before! New gameplay from Dead Island 2 showcased by Dambuster Studios features gruesome combat with unique decaying effects as your enemies are destroyed.

Showcasing an array of weapons that can be upgraded with various elemental buffs, players must tackle a range of threats; from acid-spewing monstrosities at a distance or violent ambushes for those who aren’t careful enough. Put on your game face and prepare yourself for one bloodthirsty zombie apocalypse adventure!

Get ready to break out the weapons and get your hands dirty in Dambuster Studios’ Dead Island 2. The newly released gameplay trailer showcased a plethora of gory combat, with all kinds of zombie enemies for players to fight off – from screamers that shatter windows to acid-spewing monsters lurking around every corner. Equipped with an array of upgradable firearms complete with elemental effects, this action RPG is sure not to throw any punches when it comes down to delivering realistic carnage!

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