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Dead Island 2 Receives Surprise Update on September 5

Dambuster Studios has quietly rolled out new Update for Dead Island 2 today, surprising fans who were just getting accustomed to the significant improvements brought by Patch 2 two weeks ago. The update has landed without any accompanying patch notes from the developer.

Currently, there’s a noticeable absence of official information regarding what this patch entails. Neither the official Dead Island Twitter account nor the game’s website has been updated to reflect this sudden change. This lack of communication from Dambuster Studios has left the community puzzled and speculating on what the new patch might bring to the table.

Given that Patch 2 brought a slew of gameplay improvements just two weeks ago, it’s plausible that today’s Update aims to address issues that weren’t covered in the previous patch. However, without an official word, it remains pure conjecture at this point.

This is what it was shared on the official Twitter:

If any patch notes are published, we’ll update this article.

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