Jaeger Questline

Escape From Tarkov “Cease Fire” Quest Guide

Cease Fire is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Jaeger.

Cease Fire Quest Details

Quest Dialogue

I’m stumped today, warrior. There are good people who need to escape the city. The closest they can get is through Avenue of Deat, but there are snipers overlooking the whole area. One kid told me that if you shoot a signal flare there, the snipers should let you pass through, in that particular spot. But who knows if the kid was lying? Maybe he’s trying to lead us to death. How do we find out if it’s true that the snipers will stop firing after the signal… I got a couple flares lying around, why don’t you go check it out, eh?

Initial equipment

  • RSP-30 reactive signal cartridge (Green) (2)


  • Survive and extract from Streets of Tarkov through Klimov Street.


  • +5600 XP
  • +0.02 reputation with Jaeger
  • ZiD SP-81 26×75 signal pistol
  • 26x75mm flare cartridge (Green) (3)
  • 27,000 RoublesRoubles 27,000


You need to be heading to Klimov street, a whole avenue secured by snipers. The only way to bypass them is by signaling them by using the green flare in the sky, which Jaeger gave you after accepting the quest. *Make sure you don’t make a mistake and bring both of the green flares with you, in case the event turns south”. The map with the extracts can be found below:

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