It seems like a new Horizon Co-op game is in development as per job listing at Guerilla Games

Guerilla's recent job listing somewhat confirms that a new Horizon game is in development

Guerrilla Games is taking its iconic Horizon series to the next level – and open-world multiplayer co-op experience. Recent job listings confirm that a collaboration between players around the globe will soon be available, as the job listings confirm a team-based game being in development.

For those looking for their next challenge, a mystery awaits. Lead Quest Designer positions are open for an unknown developer to craft something unique and daring – the expansion of Horizon’s universe into multiplayer worlds. A bold journey invites all adventurers willing to take on this ambitious project. Thanks to JorRaptor, the official job listing can be found below:

Guerrilla, the studio behind multiple beloved video games, is hunting for an experienced and passionate Senior Combat Designer to join their team. They are looking for someone who can create unique characters with special abilities that will be exciting and engaging in combat – adding more depth of play through tactical choices and cooperative opportunities when playing with others.

Players can expect an immersive new experience from the upcoming co-op title, as it looks to captivate and enthrall with its expansive open-world setting. Its talented writers seek to craft stories that stir players’ imaginations and tug at their heartstrings – one cannot help but be intrigued by this ambitious tale like none before.

Speculation is swirling around the gaming world as Guerrilla Games and Sony move closer to announcing a highly anticipated cooperative Horizon game. Though its exact release date remains mysterious, anticipation for this joint project between industry titans has reached a fever pitch!

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