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Fortnite January 25 Stealth Update, Notes and more

Fortnite received a new update on January 25, a stealth one that went under the radar. Earlier today, players were pushed to restart the game to get the latest content provided by Epic Games. Considering it’s a stealthy one without official patch notes, we can only rely on the highlights on its official Trello page.

Even though the official Fortnite Trello page has been untouched, it seems that there are plenty of contents marked as fixed with a future game update. Until Epic Games comes out with official notes, you can find all the messages queued for fixing on the official Trello board.

Fortnite January 25 Patch Notes

Potential General Top Fixes

  • Players are unable to claim the Exile variation of the Mind’s Eye back bling
  • Battle Hound and Molten Battle Hound Helmet visually incorrect.
  • Physics on Joni the Red’s coat are no longer functioning.

Potential Battle Royale and Zero Build Fixes

  • The “Party Time” Augment has been temporarily disabled.
  • Unable to emote after a Victory Royale
  • Fall damage when Sliding with the Shockwave Hammer

Potential Creative Fixes

  • Wildlife takes fall damage with fall damage set to off
  • Placing a prop and switching to the pickaxe at the same time places an invisible prop
  • Players can build in Mutator Zone Devices with “Allow Building” set to “No” in certain instances
  • Props may turn green while selecting after placing them under terrain
  • Tiles can become invisible in color switch game mode

Potential Save the World Fixes

  • Terrain issues in Autumn Foothills biome

Potential Mobile and Cloud Gaming Issues

  • Battlepass Button confirm sound sometimes plays on any initial button press with touch
  • The Falcon Scout continues going up or down without pressing anything
  • The Falcon Scout continues going up or down without pressing anything
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